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Benefits of selling property for cash

Why sell your house to us?

If you need to achieve a fast property sale within a fixed timescale then we are here to help. Selling to us offers many benefits over using the conventional methods. These include the following:

A guaranteed sale: Using us means that your house sale is pretty much guaranteed and you can plan your life in accordance with the sale. Unlike the estate agents, there are no house chains and mortgage arrangement worries from third parties. Once we commit to purchase, all we then need to do is decide a completion date. Whether you are looking to stop house repossession or looking to sell your property for any other reason, selling your property to us is easy.

We don’t charge a fee to buy your house – When you sell through estate agents, you normally have to pay a fee for the privilege, This can run into thousands of pounds. When you sell through us, however, you do not pay a penny towards any fee or commission.

.Solicitor fee paid – In addition to not charging a commission, we go one step further and also pay for your selling legal costs (up to a defined limit).This means that you can proceed with the sale and use the savings from the legal costs towards something else.

Option to rent back – We offer homeowners the option to rent the property back from us. This is an excellent way to achieve a sale and release equity from your house without having to go through the upheaval of moving house. The rent back option is another way of making your sale easier.

If you want to take advantage of an easy way of selling, then call s to have a discussion of how to get started. We will be glad to issue an offer immediately.